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Yoga is for everyone.

Yoga for Senior Citizens

Yoga can be started at any age. Our gentle yoga programs are designed with seniors in mind. Our teachers who handle gentle yoga specialize in the field and have a very good understanding of what is important for seniors.

Course for Seniors

As we age maintaining bones, joints, ligaments and muscles become very important to maintain strength, flexibility and mobility to avoid injuries. There is no need to twist and turn your body like a pretzel to practice yoga.

It is important for seniors to maintain health and vitality. Simple asanas we teach support joint health while aiding circulation, digestion and respiration. We pay special attention to build strength and balance which is very important to seniors. Besides yoga alleviate stress and anxiety which helps in well-being of seniors.

Monad’s carefully chosen simple asanas keep the body well-functioning helping elders manage their daily chores without need for much help. Asanas combined with simple breathing is the key to revitalizing and maintaining our body and soul. 

We are proud to say seniors as old as 95 have benefited from our programs. Enjoy the senior years learning how to handle and manage the limitations posed by our body as we age.


What are the benefits of yoga for seniors?

Yogic postures not only work at the physical level, but also at the physiological level and mental level. By doing simple asanas with proper breath focus, the challenges of aging are met easily, joints are well lubricated, muscle loss is avoided, moreover the mind reaches a state of calmness.

Are your teachers qualified to work with seniors?

Yes, the teachers who handle these classes are specially trained to handle senior citizens. Some of them are senior citizens themselves who have been practicing yoga for decades.

What are the benefits of yoga for seniors who are dealing with chronic pain?

Yoga shows a way to manage chronic pain and it’s associated symptoms thereby improving the quality of life. Most of the life style diseases are managed well by regular, steadfast yoga practice.

Are there any medical conditions where yoga would be unwise to practice?

Some of the yoga practices are contraindicated for people with certain medical conditions. The practitioners should inform the teacher about the medical condition and find out if they should be attending individualized personal session or if they are eligible for group sessions.

Does it even make sense to start yoga when you're in your senior years because your body is already very tight and inflexible?

According to Shri Krishnamacharya, the answer to the question ‘ Who can do Yoga?’ is ‘ Whoever can breathe can do Yoga’ So age is not a factor to initiate yourself into yoga practice. Yoga can be started at any age. The courses are designed to help relax the muscles and build the flexibility slowly back up. Yoga for seniors is designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by senior who start afresh. Build through several years of experience, all our programs start with the right warm for the age and takes the classes only to the neccessary practices. Only asanas that ensure balance and stability are practiced in these classes.

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