Yoga for core

Yoga for Core

Core muscles play a crucial role in connecting the upper and lower body. A weak core leads to poor posture and general weakness. Even simple tasks such as standing straight, bending down, or turning becomes arduous when the muscles are weak. Our lifestlye has only made the situation worse when most of our time is spent seated. Yoga has become even more important because of the sedentary modern lifestyle. 

Because you engage your abdominal muscles with strong core yoga practices, it strengthens and tightens your mid-section. Yoga poses that work on the lower abdomen and lower back also engage your core muscles, with the right kind of breathing for each movement.

Because core muscles play a very important role for athletes such as runners, providing stability and reducing injuries, it is important to practice yoga.

Proper disciplined yoga practice:

  • strengthens the core
  • improves balance and stability
  • reduces injuries
  • improves posture
  • also improves the quality of life

Yoga poses that focus on core when balanced properly, develops a stronger muscle structure providing a healthy life. Asanas such as Dhandasana, Sethu Bandasana and Navasana  or some of the important asanas that work on core. It is important develop a strong core to enter higher practices in Yoga. Although it may not be obvious, asanas such as Bakasana and Sirasasana require strong core.

It is also important that the core be worked only after preliminary asanas are done and in proper sequence in a balanced format. Directly entering into a core practice may lead to injuries.

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