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Strength training through Yoga

Yoga not only makes a person flexible it also provides asanas to build strength. 

Yoga Strength Training

Most people automatically associate weights when thinking of strength training. There are several practices that will help one achieve strength by using one’s own body weight.

Specific asanas are practiced that puts body in positions that work on the muscles to support the asana. Slowly building to a level where muscles builds up strength to support and move the body between poses.

It is important to include strength training as part of your weekly routine. To gain the maximum benefit attend the level 3 classes at least twice a week. Build yourself to Level 3 classes over a period of two to three months. Please note level 3 classes are demanding.

Strength training through Yoga


Can I Combine Yoga with Resistance Training?

Yoga makes the body supple and strong. The muscles  stretch and relax. Strength training exercises can sometimes make the body rigid. Combining these two is like working on two extremes. There are a lot of poses in yoga that work on strength training, which is immediately countered with proper asanas to relax that muscle. Like how iron is heated and cooled repeatedly, the body undergoes a transformation that results in a body that is both strong and supple. This process is interfered with if both these are combined.

Is yoga as effective as weight training?

Better than weight training, as there is no possibility for one to get injured, as here one’s body weight is used to achieve the results. Our body is designed to take that weight, whatever weight you may be.

Can you build muscle with just yoga?

Yes, you can. Please browse for Thirumalai Krishnamacharya, to see his yogic postures. He has dedicated his life only to yoga.

How does yoga help strength training?

Yoga is a tool that can be used to achieve any goal. The way it is performed influences the desired goal. When yogic postures are held for a longer period of time, it contracts a certain group of muscles and strengthens that part of the muscle.

Can yoga replace strength training?

Yes, one can achieve all the benefits of strength training through yogic postures themselves. But one has to choose the right asanas and perform the right way to achieve results.

Are there specific yoga poses that will make you strong?

Asanas when held for a longer period with the properly regulated breath, strengthen that part of the muscle. Even a simple asana can be used for strength training when held for a longer time. Moreover, even the muscles of internal organs are strengthened through yogic postures.

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