Pranayama Sadhana

May 14 To Jun 9, 2021
6:30 to 7:00 am or 7:00 to 7:30 pm

In the first place Pranayama Sadhana is a practice session for people who already know Pranayama. In fact, regular practice of Pranayama improves breathing capacity, immunity and concentration, and reduces stress.

Two options available. Thus, depending on your schedule you can choose either the morning 6:30 am session or evening 7:00 pm session. The Best Yoga & Meditation Trainer is available to guide you!

Pranayama Sadhana Course Fee Rs. 750+Taxes for one month.

Pay only Rs. 600+Taxes / month when you sign up for 3 months.

Led by Geetha Kanthasamy

Pranayama Sadhana Course


Pranayama Sadhana

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Mornings, 6:30-7AM
Monday/Wednesday/Friday Evenings, 7-7:30PM

Firstly, Pranayama is the practice of breath control and expansion of the energies of the body. Given that this exercise consists of synchronizing the breath, it has also shown to have a balancing and harmonising effect on the autonomic nervous system. Besides, this helps to release stress and tension on physiological, mental and emotional levels.

As a result of this exercise, there is an amplification and harmonisation of the body’s energies which leads to the stilling of the mind.

This exercise is both subtle and powerful. Because it combines breathing methods with the bandhas (postural locks), it influences the energy system of the body and mind.


The focus of this course will be vitalizing practices of frontal brain cleansing and bellows breath. Because this exercise is the way of accessing the three main bandhas (energetic locks)- jalandhara (chin), moola (root) and uddiyana (abdominal) that run along your spinal column, it will help you experience more freedom in your body and bliss in your life. 

Each class will include asana, preparatory pranayama practices and meditation.

About Our Yoga Teacher

Geetha is a certified Yoga teacher trained in the tradition of Shri Krishnamacharya. She is a Level 3 QCI Yoga teacher and Evaluator, certified by Ministry of Ayush, India. She is also an Yoga alliance registered teacher holding ERYT200, RYT500, YACEP certifications. Besides, Geetha enjoys imparting yogic knowledge to people, making them understand the significance of yoga and how it influences the mind, body and soul.

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