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Yoga is for everyone.

Personal Sessions

Firstly, Monad provides personal sessions for yoga seekers with individual goals. Moreover, we believe that yoga suits the best when we customize  according to the age, purpose, strength, occupation, lifestyle and goals. We also combine these personal classes with daily group lessons for best results.

One-on-one sessions for yoga seekers...

In general, one-on-one yoga sessions are beneficial for students who want receive extra coaching, help with asanas and practice sessions. We design these sessions especially to help them reach their yoga and lifestyle objectives. 

Some students may require assistance in navigating towards their personal goals. Consequently, in one-on-one sessions, we deliver a custom level of yoga teaching. This also adds value of individual attention and instruction.

To sum up, one-on-one yoga session are suitable for both beginners and pro learners. People with therapeutics needs also find this useful.

Personal Sessions


Is it possible to learn yoga online?

Yes, yoga can be learnt online through live classes conducted by experienced and certified teachers. The experience is similar to in-person classes provided, you are completely visible to the teacher, so that the teacher can correct your alignment of body to reach the postures.

What if I am out of shape?

No worries. Every person is unique. As you get deep into your yoga practice, the muscles strengthen and tones, slowly getting you into shape

Do I have to be flexible to practice yoga?

Not needed. Flexibility in joints are achieved progressively with regular yoga practice .

Can yoga help me lose weight?

Yes, Yoga works on strengthening and toning your muscles and adjusting your weight to the ideal weight for your age and frame. To achieve your goals on weight loss, your practice should be steadfast, uninterrupted and focussed on the goal.

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