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Online Vinyasa Yoga Classes, combines hard work with deep relaxation to build strength, flexibility, concentration and balance.

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Online Vinyasa Yoga

Learn Vinyasa Flow Yoga in this one month course

The term ‘Vinyasa’ means a special arrangement of the body parts to form an asana. ‘Vi’ means Special and ‘Nyasa’ means placement. ‘Vinyasa flow’ is a special arrangement of asanas in a particular sequence to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. Vinyasa teaches us the way to move our actions from one to the other with ease and poise both in the mat and in life.

Experience an energetic flow in harmony with breath and bliss while you perform asanas in sequence preparing your body and mind to the goal posture. At Monad Yoga Studio, there are different levels of Vinyasa flow and every Vinyasa class is different. If you are a beginner attend the beginner level yoga for first 12 sessions and move on to intermediate level of Vinyasa. Please take a look at our schedule for timings.

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