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Subscription options for group classes

112 Class Passes
per Month*
₹ 1200
2One Month*
Unlimited Online
₹ 2500
3Three Months *
Unlimited Online
₹ 6000
4Yoga for Core Strength
5:30pm W/F
Starts Oct 7
₹ 1000
*All of the above subscriptions can be used for the any of the published sessions in the online schedule.
*All sessions are group classes of one hour duration. If you are a beginner to Yoga we highly recommend you attend our beginner level program or any level 1 sessions, before joining the level 2/3 sessions.
*Any of the group classes subscription listed above can be used for the beginner program.
*Next Beginner Course will be announced soon.

Following courses are customized and require registration

1Kids’ Course
Starts Oct 10
₹ 800
Note: Course fees given above are for online classes. Limited options are available for in-studio classes. Please call us for in-studio fees.


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Join Monad Yoga live from the comfort of your home