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Swati Mehta

Swati teaches a fusion of practices that are grounded in Sivananda style, and her teaching expresses the joy of movement, with a strong emphasis on finding the balance between strength and surrender. 

find the balance between strength and surrender

Swati’s creative sequencing and passion for teaching from her heart, motivates her students to expand their potential and find their own rhythm on the mat.

She meets you right where you are, and guides you deeper towards your own heart. Her classes typically bring you into a state of peace and relaxation that carries over to daily life. If you are a beginner in Yoga Swati’s morning classes will methodically guide you and provide the basics to take you to the next level.

Swati is a life-long student of her mind and body, holds a master’s degree in finance, and is a Certified Yoga Teacher from the ‘International Sivananda Yoga Vednanta Center’ and Level 2 QCI Yoga Teacher certified by the Ministry of Ayush, India.

Swati’s philosophy is grounded in her conviction that everyone can be empowered through yoga, and she’s committed to making yoga accessible to the diverse practitioners who attend her classes.

Meet Swati Mehta
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