Monad Yoga


Neela Krishnamurti

Neela’s classes dynamically blend chanting, asanas and breath guided Vinyasa sequences, with a focus on careful alignment. Masterful at synthesis, her ability to harvest and transmit the unique contributions of various yoga methods is unparalleled.

A blend of chanting and asanas

Neela, known for her passion and clarity, completed her Teacher’s training from Yoga Rakshanam and now has over 8 years of experience as a Yoga teacher. Using research-based yoga and mindfulness meditation tools, Neela’s Pranayama and Meditation classes help her students navigate through the challenges of today’s world. 

For years, Neela has maintained an enthusiastic personal practice that is dedicated to asana and pranayama study in the Krishnamacharya tradition. Her intense dedication to practice and teaching Vedic chanting, inspire her students to stay present and go inwards.

She imparts meaningful spiritual connection through yoga and the physical benefits it reveals. She believes in creating a nurturing environment in her classes, where students can experience and connect to the ancient practices of Yoga.

Meet Neela
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