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Girija Sathish

Her teaching reflects the world-renowned Krishnamacharya yoga tradition. Years of dedication and her vast experience benefits all her students. Girija Sathish also has a rare capacity to eloquently convey the richness of spiritual life. In another words, she is perfect in our contemporary world as an ideal teacher. Her instructions are precise and easy to follow.

Girija Sathish is a certified Yoga Therapist

She is a certified by Yoga Vahini. This is accredited by International Association of Yoga Therapists. Yoga has always been there for Girija, no matter her external circumstances, or state of mind. Girija also believes in genuine self love and the need to care for yourself.

Because she was inspired to share the teaching of self care and sustainable living, she became a yoga instructor. Prior to her career in yoga, she studied mathematics. Girija brings that same clear and precise exactness to her teaching style.

What began as a purely physical practice led Girija to discover the many spiritual and mental benefits yoga practice. She underwent her teachers training in Yoga Rakshanam. Another key point is that she combines her studies in meditation, pranayama and spiritual philosophy to deliver dynamic, interactive yoga sessions. She also uses her experience of over 9 years to help students discover yoga can and embrace their true selves. 

It is also notable that she has spent years developing yoga programs for people with a variety of ailments. In another words, she is both exuberant and wise. Because she firmly believes that within each student lies a vast potential. Consequently, Girija feels that’s her job as a teacher to nurture students until they can go out and fly on their own.

Girija Sathish
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