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Kids Yoga

Learning the art of yoga at a young age is an investment for life. Monad’s kids yoga courses are designed for children from ages 7 through 11. It is much easier to start early when the body is flexible to set the children in the right course.

Kids Yoga promotes confidence and self-esteem

Our kids yoga classes incorporate age appropriate poses and exercises to engage children’s bodies and minds alike. Children experience how their breath and body move together in a fun-filled way! Practicing yoga during their young age helps them grow healthy, reduces anxiety and improves concentration. Another aspect of kids yoga is that it also promotes confidence and self-esteem; the inner-strength gives a feeling of well-being and love for one’s self.

Monad’s kids courses are handled by teachers who understand the challenges involved in keeping the children engaged. They make the program fun and lively for children by including games that children enjoy. Children learn best through playing.

Remember, no prior yoga experience is required for kids or parents.

Kids Yoga

Kids yoga FAQ

What are the benefits of kids yoga?

Yogic postures are nothing but bringing your body parts to a particular position using your mind. The skill developed to tame the mind to do that, develops and enhances your skill in other fields too. Regular yoga practice develop better focus and enhance their ability to concentrate.

What is mindfulness and why should my child try it?

Mindfulness is the ability of the mind to stay in a state of one pointedness. Children are normally full of bubbling energy which makes it hard to stay connected with one focus. When asanas are practiced, say when your kid is staying in a single legged tree posture, all the energy goes to maintain that balance thereby increasing the ability to focus.

How can families benefit from yoga or their kids doing yoga?

Yoga not only works on the body level, but also works on breath level, mental level, intellectual level and spiritual level. This benefits the entire family to achieve holistic results in all aspects of life.

What is meditation and why should my child try it?

Meditation is the ability to stay focussed with a chosen object without distractions for a considerable amount of time. For kids , doing asana practice is itself like a moving meditation , where the object of focus is one’s own body. By doing asana practice, the child calms down and get rid of restlessness in the body and mind.

Is yoga a religion or religious practice?

No, Yoga is a way of life…Yoga is a science…Yoga is an art.

Does yoga interfere with my family’s religious beliefs?

Not at all. Yoga is a tool to enhance your reasoning capabilities and be connected strongly with whatever is your belief system. It clears your mind of any unwanted doubts and develop confidence.

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