Kids Yoga Online Course

Kids Yoga Online

May 9 To June 5
Sat/Sun – 10 to 11 am

Most importantly, Kids Yoga Online course allows children to channel energy in the right direction! Build focus! Nurture Self awareness and acceptance through Yoga!
A customized intermediate course for kids.
Parents are also welcome to join. Have a fun filled family time!!

Led by Swetha Prabhudoss.

₹ 800 + Taxes

About Monad Kids Yoga Online: Firstly, we encourage children to “play” yoga and experience how their breath and body move together in a real fun way!

Secondly, the Monad philosophy of teaching yoga to children provides kids with a variety of yoga tools that regulate their physical bodies and manage their mental faculties. This is an effort to foster healthier and happier children. Besides, our kid friendly yoga classes incorporate age appropriate poses, and exercises to engage children’s bodies and minds.

Children are normally full of bubbling energy which also makes it hard for them stay in focus. When they practice asanas, for example when your kid is staying in a single leg tree posture, all the energy goes to maintain that balance thereby increasing the ability to focus. Finally, remember no prior yoga experience is required for kids or parents. 

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