Chair Yoga
Did you know that Chair Yoga can improve your flexibility, concentration and strength, while boosting your mood, reducing stress and joint strain?

 Chair Yoga
May 20th to June 15th
Tues / Thu – 5:00 to 5:45 pm

Anybody can breath, therefore anybody can practice yoga – TKV Desikachar

Chair yoga classes are specially designed to meet the needs of those who have mobility issues,  cannot stand for a long time, cannot get up from the floor / sit down on the floor, or have movement restrictions.

The practice will warm up all the joints from head to toe and help strengthen muscles slowly and safely.

There will be emphasis on pranayama also. We have participants from 60 to over 80 years of age who have already benefited from the program. But age is no bar. From better mobility to better breathing, chair yoga will boost your health and confidence.

This is an excellent gift for the elders in your family. 

It is a gentle yoga practice that requires no prior yoga experience, it is ideal for seniors and those who spend a lot of time on the desk.

  • Improve mobility across joints and strengthen muscles from head to toe.
  • A gentle yoga practice without the need for standing or getting down to the floor during practice.
  • A complete breath centered practice to stay active, healthy and stress free.

You will need a sturdy chair, ideally with no arm rest. Light plastic chairs are not suitable for this course.

Chair Yoga Class Details

8 Sessions on Tues / Thu, 5:00 to 5:45 pm
Venue : Online Class that you can attend from the safety and comfort of your home

Led by Roopa Palanivel

₹ 1000+Taxes

improve Flexibility

boost strength

reduce stress

Amazing Benefits of Chair Yoga

The Story Behind…

Almost forty years ago, when one of Lakshmi Voelker’s students was diagnosed with arthritis and no longer able to get down on the floor to practice yoga, Lakshmi developed a series of exercises that her student could practice on a chair. This turned out be an inclusive way of benefiting from yoga for persons living with conditions or lifestyle that does not support practising yoga on the floor .

Improved  Flexibility

The ability to bend, stretch, and move freely is very important for our wellbeing. Being flexible allows you to engage in the activities that you love. It is wrong to assume that a loss of flexibility is inevitable as we age. Chair yoga, you can actually increase your flexibility and improve your mobility by gently challenging your body.

Boost Strength 

Your muscles are in play when you practice Chair Yoga and this builds strength. Seniors can reduce your risk of falls because more strength can lead to better balance. Strength also improves your body’s ability to withstand injury.

Reduce Stress

When you focus on breath, movement, and how your body reacts to the exercise, it promotes mindfulness. Mindfulness promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and improves mental clarity. Chair yoga also helps to improve mood and offers some relief from issues like anxiety and depression.

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