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This blog is the reflections and insights of Geetha M Kanthasamy who is also a certified Yoga teacher trained in the tradition of Shri Krishnamacharya.

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Yogic breathing

Yogic Breathing

Yogic Breathing – Part 1  This post is about the science of yogic breathing, how to effectively practice it, and understand how it creates a

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Pancha Maha Prana

How prana works?

Let’s understand how prana works on various functional systems of the body. Now this energy manifest as 5 different pranas called Pancha maha Pranas performing

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The Five Pranas that fuels functional systems of body

What Is Prana?

The Journey of Prana This post is about ‘What is Prana’ in Yogic jargon, how it works on various functional systems of your body, how

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Yoga for core

Yoga for Core

Core muscles play a crucial role in connecting the upper and lower body. A weak core leads to poor posture and general weakness. Even simple

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