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Beginners Yoga

Everyday you hear so much about yoga, and its time now to discover the combination of physical and mental exercises that not only makes this ancient art unique but also learn how yoga makes you fit, flexible and stress-free. Don’t let difficult poses you see online intimidate you because our teachers will guide you, step-by-step in this beginners yoga course. 

The beginners Yoga Course...

Firstly, this authoritative course takes beginners on a step on step progression. Secondly, this course is designed for anyone new to Yoga. As a result, you will learn basic asanas, surya namaskar, simple pranayamas and yoga nidra.

All of us have different goals in mind when we start learning Yoga. The beginners’ course is a must irrespective of your goal and provides the foundation. On completion of the course you will be in a position to participate in group classes and pursue your goal. You will learn how to use breath correctly and get the most out of the asanas.

The courses are taught by highly qualified teachers who are certified from reputed schools in India and have a minimum of 5 years of experience teaching beginners’ course. Also, check out our Facebook page for latest news and events.

Beginners Yoga

Beginners Yoga FAQ

Is it possible to learn yoga online?

Yes, you can learn yoga online through live classes. Our enthusiastic teachers who have the necessary experience will  conduct the classes. The experience is similar to in-person classes we provide, you are completely visible to the teacher, so that the teacher can correct your alignment of body to teach the postures.

What if I am out of shape?

No worries. Every person is unique. As you get deep into your yoga practice, the muscles strengthen and tones, slowly getting you into shape

Do I have to be flexible to practice yoga?

No need. You can achieve flexibility in joints progressively with regular yoga practice .

Can yoga help me lose weight?

Yes, Yoga works on strengthening and toning your muscles and adjusting your weight to the ideal weight for your age and frame. To achieve your goals on weight loss, your practice should be steadfast, continuous and have focus on the goal.

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