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Monad meaning higher consciousness, helps people realize and be in harmony with their own self, thereby connecting them with their higher consciousness. Monad Yoga also offers flexible class times for you to undertake your yogic journey that suits your schedule. Learn more about us on Facebook

About monad

Monad is an initiative taken by Geetha M Kanthasamy.  She an architect turned Yoga professional who also promotes the ancient Indian art of Yoga. Furthermore, Geetha is a certified Yoga teacher trained in the tradition of Shri Krishnamacharya. Also, she has  done 500+ hours of teacher training in Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai. Besides, she has an advanced teacher training and 100 hour Vinyasa krama from Shri Srivatsa Ramaswami, direct disciple of Shri Krishnamacharya. Geetha is a Level 3 QCI Yoga teacher and Evaluator, certified by The Ministry of Ayush, India. Besides, she is an Yoga alliance registered teacher holding ERYT200, RYT500, YACEP certifications.

In fact, Geetha has practiced Yoga for over 14 years and as a result, enjoys imparting yogic knowledge to people. Besides, she makes them understand the significance of yoga and how it influences the mind, body and soul. She also believes in customizing yoga for every individual based on their needs and goals.  Consequently ‘Yoga is for everyone’ has become the main concept at Monad Yoga as sessions are offered at varying intensity levels suiting every individual.

The beginners course also includes asanas, meditation, pranayama

Yoga sessions of varying intensity – General Yoga/Vinyasa Yoga

Because Pranayama & Meditation are responsible for the many benefits of yoga

Yoga Therapy empowers and also supports individuals to manage their own health

Besides being a fun and friendly introduction to yoga, brings mindfulness and relaxation

Yoga for seniors that builds strength, improves flexibility, and also boosts balance

Because yoga is a great way to reduce overall body weight

Active, dynamic styles of yoga are also great for strength training

The teacher or therapist spends one-on-one time with you

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Practice yoga at the comfort of your home! Easily find the exact class you are looking for today. Because our philosophy is to offer many variations and levels to satisfy all practices, we  offer online classes. Furthermore, our yoga classes are conducted by highly qualified, enthusiastic teachers. Whether you are a beginner or experienced yoga student, we have the right online yoga class  for you.  Because we bring professional, motivating instruction to you, you’ll also be able to quickly learn more about different poses, backbends, twists and more.   We also create a space for personal transformation and spiritual development through yoga. To sum up. our classes flow through five general stages, warm up (sun salutations), standing poses, balancing poses, seated poses and cool down poses (inversions and savasana)

What our Clients Say About us

Check us out on Google and Facebook, reviews from over 50 happy customers. In conclusion, our instructors combine meditation, pranayama and spiritual philosophy with yoga as it is important to cultivate a personal practice that nourished flexibility, strength and mindfullness.

Monad Yoga Studio is a very unique place. The trainers are very good and friendly. Besides, it's a place where you can experience different types of yoga...
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