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Check out our yoga online classes. Our teachers have a vision of yoga that also resonates with your own goals, regardless of your fitness level—beginner, intermediate, or higher

Watch free yoga videos on five pranas, awareness of breath, managing stress, and more…
Monad Yoga

Welcome to Monad
Learn Yoga online

Yoga online – Journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

Monad yoga online Beginners

Beginners Yoga

The beginners course also includes asanas, meditation, pranayama

yoga online guided session of varying intensity – General Yoga/Vinyasa Yoga/Power Yoga

General Yoga Practice

Yoga sessions of varying intensity – General Yoga/Vinyasa Yoga

Kids yoga online

Kids Yoga

A fun and friendly introduction to yoga, also brings mindfulness and relaxation

Monad yoga Beginners

Yoga for Senior Citizens

Yoga for seniors that builds strength, also improves flexibility, boosts balance

Monad Yoga

Weight loss through Yoga

Because Yoga is a great way to reduce overall body weight

Monad Yoga

Strength training Yoga

Active, dynamic styles of yoga are also great for strength training

Yoga therapy

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy empowers and also supports individuals to manage their own health

Personal one-on-one sessions

The teacher or therapist also spends one-on-one time with you

Pranayama & Meditation

Pranayama & Meditation

Together, these practices are responsible for the many benefits of yoga

Monad Yoga

Start your Online Yoga journey now !

Firstly, Monad online was created to teach and provide a platform to practice yoga. This also includes first time students who are beginners to experienced yogic gurus. Secondly, Monad values and respects every individual’s belief system and way of life. Consequently, yoga will be taught as a science without any belief system.  

Monad means higher consciousness. This also helps people realize and be in harmony with their own self, connecting them with their higher consciousness.

Numbers Speak

Above all, we are a community of dedicated people, who love to share with you our years of practice and study of yoga

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Hours of classes conducted

In summary, from inception to date Monad has conducted more than 14000 hours of classes. 

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Happy Clients

As a result our teaching methods, we have 1500 plus Happy Customers Worldwide

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Sessions to choose from in a week

Besides, yoga for everyone is our concept. We customize yoga for every individual based on their needs and goals

live online yoga sessions

yoga online - live guided sessions

Prefer to practice yoga at home? No problem! Because, you can turn your home into a yoga studio with our online live-streamed classes.

Similarly, whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to step up your routine, get the full studio experience at home with our online live yoga classes .

Guided Online Live Yoga Sessions: All our classes are conducted online live for our members. As a result, they can practice from the safety and comfort of their home. We have also spent close to a year fine tuning our programs to make it work well online. In addition, we have found teaching through live video to be more effective with teachers able to monitor the practitioners closely. 

Similarly, all sessions are of one-hour duration guided live by certified and experienced teachers.

What Our Clients​​ Say about us

End of each class I feel I have also done a lot of asanas in one hour without being rushed into getting in and out of a pose. The only word I have for her class is ‘magical’. Consequently, the day my body feels tight and feel very lethargic to do yoga, I feel all relaxed, stretched and energetic end of the class.
Beena Viswanathan
Besides the devoted and passionate founders. The expert instructors are also passionate and suitable ambience and ideal atmosphere. With regular innovative programs and well structured regular courses, Monad is highly recommended as a yoga institution !!!
Murali Chandrasekhar
A member of Monad since it’s inception in 2015, is one of the best studios in the city in terms of ambience, teachers and schedules. As a Member I am also given the opportunity to do my practice daily from the convenience of my home at my convenient time.
Bharati Saravanan
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